Brick Cleaning Services Toronto

Why use a brick cleaning service

One of the top materials used by Toronto home builders these days is brick. Bricks are used because they can easily provide a rich, not to mention classic, look to any facade. The problem with brick is that it can easily accumulate dirt and grime. In some cases, it can also foster the uncontrollable growth of moss. Moreover, it is also prone to discoloration with constant exposure to the elements.

Restore Bricks to their former glory

Most of our clients are unaware that there is a quick and easy way to restore bricks to their former glory? When you need help with brick cleaning, you can hire a professional brick cleaning service that can pressure wash your walls. Unlike other materials though, pressure washing bricks involves several processes.

We do more than power washing

Brick cleaning does not only involve power washing the walls with water and cleaning solutions. The professional first needs to patch up any mortar joints that have been damaged. Every single brick needs to be checked so that water does not seep behind it. A patching job can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, but the mortar needs to sit for a week before any pressure washing can be done, lest the mortar be washed away.

Final steps to beautiful bricks

When everything has dried out, the next step is to wet the brick. Using a low pressure setting on the power washer, the brick wall is thoroughly soaked with plain water. No cleaning agents are added during this time as the brick is simply being prepped for the cleaning process. Brick cleaning experts ensures that all of the bricks are evenly soaked.

Once the brick has been soaked, the cleaning solutions will then be mixed into the pressure washer. There is a special solution used here as generic detergents simply won’t do. The bricks are sprayed with the cleaning agent and left to set for about 10 minutes. Using a medium pressure setting, the professional proceeds with the brick cleaning process.

Not setting the pressure too high ensures that the mortar and bricks, which are porous, are not damaged as these are cleaned. One trick to effectively cleaning brick is using more cleaning solution than increasing pressure on the washer. If there are tough stains, the washer will have to brush these off by hand.

The final steps of brick cleaning starts with rinsing. Using the lightest pressure possible, the power washer will start rinsing off the cleaning solution from one end of the brick wall to the other. Finally, walls are left to dry and coated with a specific mortar and brick sealant to keep the wall cleaner longer.

Brick Cleaning Services Toronto

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