Concrete Cleaning Toronto

Entrances and walkways receive high levels of foot traffic. Odors, stains and old bubble gum are a few things that can drive potential customers away.
Power washing concrete regularly is recommended to maintain a clean and professional image. We never want to interfere with your business activities or give anyone reason to leave, our goal is to enhance your brand image and help attract more customers. Make sure your business’s first impression is a clean one. Contact Sparkleen today and set up a maintenance plan to power wash your concrete walkways.

Sidewalk / Concrete Cleaning Toronto

We’re specialized in Sidewalk Cleaning in Toronto, ON and many surrounding areas of the GTA. Toronto is a thriving community. It is the city that is always on the go. As a result, when it comes to cleaning concrete in such a vibrant city that is subjected constantly to heavy foot traffic, it can be difficult. Before you hire a Power Washing service company to clean concreate in Toronto, you want to be sure that they can display both expertise and knowledge to perform this type of work. If they do not possess the required knowledge and experience, they can easily damage your property and upset the public.

Concrete stain removal Toronto

We’re also experts in the removal of chewing gum and all stains which are often found on concrete sidewalks such as, graffiti, animal droppings, dirt, grime, algae, food and drink stains moss and lichen. We also urge that all of our commercial clients participate in our maintenance programs which will to save you money while providing year-round sidewalks that look attractive to your customers.

No contract service calls

In addition to Concrete Power Washing in Toronto, we provide professional Concrete Cleaning Services throughout the GTA. We clean driveways, warehouse or factory floors and all other concrete surfaces including walls. Our experience in the industry is second to none and the results we provide for clients is unparalleled.

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