Power washing your house or business – leave it to the professionals

Power washing your house or business – leave it to the professionals
April 26, 2016 sparkleenad

Homeowners and business owners may sometimes need to spruce up their environment for the sake of presenting a favorable image or for an annual tidy-up. Regardless of the reasons, both homeowners and business owners may suffer from one of many high pressure washer issues that can occur to both the property and the owner. Being cautious is essential to making your property sparkle, and often times, it is necessary to call a qualified contractor.

Some risks of power washing your home can include, but are not limited to:

  • Paint stripping
  • Windows cracking or breaking from heavy water pressure
  • Screen doors shredding
  • Seals between double-pane glass becoming broken, causing a condensational build up
  • Cracking brick or mortar
  • Personal injury, even death from falling or working with unfamiliar amounts of water pressure

There are risks when a house washing job is not done properly, both aesthetically and physically, and it’s not difficult to smash a window or fall off a ladder, decreasing your property value and walking abilities simultaneously.

Although buying and renting power washers are an option, they can be expensive and the cost for fixing a power washer that is not returned the way it was purchased can increase your handy-man budget.

Disposing of water is another issue, and with all certified, licensed, and insured contractors, water disposal has to be done in an environmentally friendly way. No chemicals are allowed to run-off, giving the homeowner peace of mind and the surrounding nature long-lasting safety.

There are a series of different power washer types and techniques that can be used for various house washing and commercial property washing duties including:

  • Gas pressure washing
  • Hot water pressure washing
  • Industrial pressure washing
  • Surface cleaning
  • Electrical pressure washing
  • Concrete cleaning
  • Dry ice blasting

Power washing is a tool that requires great skill and experience to be used on different properties, so understanding the basics of a power washer is essential. Looking into how they work or contacting the right support is the best way to maintain the integrity of your property.

At Sparkleen, our certified technicians are not only skilled at power washing, we are able to sit down with you, explain and answer all your questions, and give you the results you need fast. Give our team a call today for all your house washing needs so you can save yourself time, money, and potential damage.

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