How to become a certified power washer in canada

How to become a certified power washer in canada
April 26, 2016 sparkleenad

Companies that enter the pressure washing industry don’t necessarily have to be certified. In other words, there is no legal requirement stipulating that businesses take the certification route in order to offer pressure washing services. But while not required, certification makes sense for a number of reasons and can help increase the profitability of the business; it increases loyalty from customers and can leave future leads feeling secure that you took the extra step to solidify your understanding.

Businesses that earn certification learn about concepts such as best practices, requirements for safely disposing of wastewater, and other elements that can help them to serve clients properly and more effectively. Below is a look at the certification rout and the reason why certification makes sense if you hope to run a power washing business of your own.


Companies that are serious about presenting a professional image to customers should consider taking the certification program offered courtesy of the Power Washers of North America (PWNA). This intensive training curriculum gives companies the educational underpinning they need to provide pressure washing services safely and efficiently, limiting liability and the need to learn certain topics on their own. With a rounded approach to power washing, your company can get a more extensive look at the field to ensure less problems occur in the future.



One of the most important reasons for pursuing certification is that it projects a degree of professionalism that will resonate with clients and prospective customers. Given the choice of going with certified companies and uncertified companies, most would-be customers would prefer to retain the services of a business whose commitment to pressure washing led them to pursue certification. Earning certification will also allow contractors to be better equipped to provide the pressure washing services that are in high demand.



Companies that earn certification learn about the best way to reclaim and discard of wastewater from pressure washing practices. It is against the law to discard wastewater in storm sewers, which means that it is critically important that companies in the industry understand how to properly handle this task. To avoid fines and to limit contaminated to sewer water, understanding how to properly dispose of water is essential to the surrounding nature and your community.



There is much more to running a pressure washing businesses than just the physical labor, which is something that companies that earn certification will learn over the course of the training. Topics such insurance coverage, required equipment, and maintenance are some of the topics that certification training will demonstrate along the way.

Certification, while not a legal requirement, makes a lot of sense for companies that want to start their business the right way. Certification not only helps companies demonstrate their commitment to the industry, it also helps them to understand what it takes to succeed in the field.

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